Three People Working on Design

OPA offers assistance to owners and designers to ensure production-friendly detailed drawings. Count on us for information for your feasibility studies and alternative evaluations. Budget pricing for various sections comes from actual projects sold by ODOT.


Crane and Workers in Construction Area

We work closely with ODOT and other local government agencies to make continuous improvements to the prestressed concrete bridge design standards. From field testing new ideas to specification revisions, OPA is dedicated to developing long lasting and quality concrete structures.


Group Education Session at Plant

There is no substitute for actually seeing precast/prestressed concrete bridge beam production. We offer plant tours for students and life long learners. Lunch and Learns as well as speaking engagements can be custom tailored for your group.


Truck Transporting Large Beam

Trucking beams to the various sites is often a challenge. OPA offers routing verification for beams over 100’ long, and any other lengths if field conditions dictate. We encourage shipping engineering analysis for long beams to make sure they arrive at the site undamaged.

Mary Ellen Kimberlin Photo
Mary Ellen Kimberlin, P.E., P.S.

As the Executive Director of the Ohio Prestressers Association, I am the liaison between the industry producers and the other stakeholders such as designers, owners, and contractors. My mission is to improve the market conditions of the precast/prestressed concrete bridge industry. Some of the things I can assist with are listed below:

  • Budget pricing for box beams or I-beams for bridge type studies.
  • Input on designs that are a little different than ODOT standards from a production standpoint.
  • Feedback from the industry on higher strength designs.
  • Research on new products so that there is continuous improvement of specifications.
  • Routing verification for long beams with a scouting report.
  • Set up plant tours or presentations to your group.

Since 2013, I have been a trusted partner and advocate on behalf of the precast/prestressed concrete bridge beam industry and I look forward to helping you.