Ohio Prestressers Association

Mary Ellen Kimberlin, PE, PS
Executive Director

Established in 2003 to promote the common interests and improve business conditions for the precast prestressed concrete manufacturing industry in Ohio.

What I do

  • Preserve, strengthen, enlarge and unify the precast prestressed concrete bridge manufacturers and designers.
  • Lead the precast prestressed concrete industry by fostering growth and profitability.
  • Support manufacturers and designers in the safe and efficient production by working to develop specifications.
  • Represent the industry before state and local government officials to protect industry interests.
  • Educate members on matters of interest.
  • Conduct educational programs and training.
  • Improve quality of precast prestressed concrete bridge manufacturing and design by promoting research.
  • Projects

    For more information, please contact me.


    Delaware County Engineer using a system of reinforced earth and dry stacked block abutments. Box beams are supported by earth fill and extend past the abutments.
    Budget pricing and design assistance available.


    Delivery of AASHTO modified Type 4 I-beam.
    Routing verification for safe delivery of beams.


    OPA conducts educational plant tours for students, designers, and owners to foster understanding of production.
    Plant tours, presentations, and information on industry standards offered.

    Feel free to contact me anytime. If I can not give you an answer, I can direct you to the people who can.